Success Stories

Accounting Client Story

Lightway Green New Energy Co. which is china based company opened Lightway Australia in 2009  All tax and audit work was done by one of the big 5 accounting firm in Australia.

In 2012 LSKS was appointed as data entry subcontractor by Lightway.  In initial days of our work LSKS team member noticed that Lightway  filling system was not efficient and accounts were under ATO audit. Management was struggling to resolve the issues raised by ATO. LSKS team member approached financial director of Lightway and gave obligation free advise to solve accounting related issues. This advise helped Lightway to come out of ATO Audit easily.

Soon after LSKS was appointed as tax agent and auditors to handle all accounting related issues. 2009 till 2012 tax work which was not finalized also completed by LSKS. Since April 2012 LSKS is handling all work efficiently.  LSKS was also appointed as ATO and ASIC tax agent by Lightway Power another sister consern of Lightway Green New Energy.

Lightway New Energy International Financial Director “Daniel Yu” gave following statement:

“LSKS does an excellent job in supporting our business. Their professionalism and responsive attitude is remarkable.”