Success Stories

Construction client story

George, a hard working 65 years man use to come for cleaning LSKS office in Bundoora after office hours. One day one of LSKS team member was sitting in office doing some after hour work.

George approached LSKS team member and said “My builder declared bankruptcy and my house has stooped after frame since 2 years, I am paying mortgage installments and no other builder is taking up my job to finish. I am really struggling, can you people help me?”

LSKS team member gave him obligation free appointment and told him to bring all paper work, we will check everything and try to finish your house as soon as possible.

Next day he came for meeting, LSKS signed contract and took up his job and finished it within 3 months time.

At the time of handover, George became very emotional and said ” You gave my home back, God bless you”

“We don’t pride ourselves of being builder, our job is to serve people in times of crisis.”